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Let’s face it. Our journey seldom takes a straight path. And sometimes it might feel like you are on the wildest ride of your life, just hanging on until you coast into the station. 

And what’s the goal? Is it to have a balanced life where work, family, and community all nicely intersect to create a happy and contented you? That sounds nice … 

But what if it’s all a myth?

You can’t give everything your best all of the time. But you CAN focus on five key aspects and make changes that lead to a more rewarding life.

  • Financial Independence
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Community
  • Happiness
  • Inner Peace

Here’s my philosophy.

Most people CAN become financially independent!

how to become financially independent

What does financial independence buy? Freedom! The freedom to quit your job, to travel, to be generous, to explore a brand new life. The formula is basic: Earn more, spend less, and invest the difference. It’s time to stop sabotaging your dreams and build financial independence, one dollar at a time.

You only get one body. TAKE CARE OF IT!

four steps to building a healthy lifestyle

Good health is priceless. Yet many of us struggle to “find the time” to create a healthy lifestyle. And it’s just too easy to give in to the Standard American Diet (SAD) of fast food and artificial preservatives. Well gang, it’s time to prioritize your health. Eat better, exercise more, and make your days less stressful. You can do it!

The path to a rewarding life is through your community.

how to build community connections

In this fast-paced world, technology seems to be replacing human relationships. But humans are social animals and need a sense of belonging. You’ll discover countless rewards by forging lasting friendships, building stronger family ties, and getting involved in your community.

You are responsible for your own happiness.

how I found happiness

Happiness is not something that happens TO us – it’s something we CREATE! Yes, you are responsible for your own happiness. Figure out what makes you happy, and then build small nuggets of happiness into your daily life. Take steps to happify your life!

The quest for inner peace can take many forms.

four keys to unlocking inner peace

In an age where anxiety disorders are at an all-time high, our personal quest for inner peace has taken center stage. While your quest is unique, there are two keys that are highly effective - meditation and mindfulness. Practice gratitude to bring inner peace and ease the stress of daily living.

Are you ready to build a more rewarding life?

There’s a ton of information on how to become financially independent, create a healthy lifestyle, build connections to your community, enhance happiness, and develop inner peace. In fact, there’s almost TOO MUCH information.

The truth is, it’s not the lack of information that stops us. It’s the lack of TOOLS. I believe that there are two powerful tools that will lead to success on ALL of your journeys.


Your superpower comes from crafting and working toward SMARTER (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant-Timely-Evaluate-Rewards) goals. Combine goals with organization and motivation, and you are UNSTOPPABLE!


At any time and any place, you can create new patterns and habits that lead to a better life. Put your life on cruise control by identifying the cues, breaking the habit loop, and automating good habits.
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The five journeys lead to a life of fulfillment.