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Is a PhD a Good Investment?

August 10, 2018
is a phd a good investment?

I’ve been going through old hand-written letters that I had sent my good friend many years ago. The letters date to periods of my life when I was researching and writing my dissertation and then, having successfully earned the coveted PhD, was greeted with poor employment prospects. I barely survived those years. The adage that “money can’t buy happiness” masks the truth that “poverty sucks.” So now that I’m the back end of what turned out to be a fantastic career, it’s time to have that conversation with my younger self. Was the PhD a good investment? Would I do it again?

This week I drafted a guest post for Steve, who blogs about turning conventional wisdom on its head to live your best life at ThinkSaveRetire. In the post, I offer 10 tips on how to create a fantastic and profitable career.  So read on to get my advice on how to make that PhD pay off. And yes, I would do it all over again!

Life after the Dissertation: The PhD’s Guide to Creating a Profitable Career

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