Meditation Challenge

30 day meditation challenge

Challenge: Meditate for 15 minutes each day

Start Date: December 1, 2018

Why meditate?

Meditation can have a profound effect on your health and emotional well-being. Recent studies from Harvard University show that meditation not only reduces stress, improves memory, and increases our capacity for compassion, it actually changes the brain. Meditation is a practical tool that anyone can learn to use to create inner peace. You can achieve some of these benefits by meditating as little as 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Andy Puddicombe, of Headspace, talks about the value of meditating.

Does the Challenge included guided meditations?

No. There are so many fantastic guided meditations available that you can tap into if you like (see the Before You Begin guide). Rather, the Challenge is a wonderful companion to whatever meditation practice you choose. Each day, you’ll get a new activity that will help you better appreciate the world around you and will enhance your meditation experience.

How is the Challenge organized?

I don’t want you to get bored on the Challenge, so it’s divided into three ten-packs

  • BASICS (days 1 – 10) focuses on creating consistency in your meditation practice.
  • MINDFULNESS practice (days 11 – 20) includes some fun activities that will increase your level of awareness and appreciation.
  • LOVING KINDNESS meditation (days 21- 30) features techniques guaranteed to generate greater love for yourself and others.

How do I get ready for the Challenge?

There are a number of resources and apps that will help you succeed in the meditation challenge. Just click on the ‘Before You Begin‘ button and you’ll be led to the details.

 The Challenge is open. Sign up today.

You can sign up for the Challenge now. Don’t delay – the Challenge starts promptly on December 1. And if you’d like to take the Meditation Challenge on your own time, the Kindle version is available for purchase. Peace!

See our Kindle Guides page.

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