Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge

Challenge: Practice one act of kindness each day

Start Date: February 1, 2018

Why kindness?

Did you know that kindness can be contagious? Imagine, if you will, that a simple act of kindness can spread around the globe, transferring feelings of good will from person to person. And even if kindness ends at the edge of your neighborhood, you’ll still benefit from giving kindness. Science shows that being kind makes you happier and more positive, and has even been linked to better relationships and improvements in health! So let’s spread the joy with the 30-Day Kindness Challenge.

Enjoy Hannah Brencher’s TED talk on writing letters to strangers.


Why February?

Valentine’s Day – it’s a day that’s gotten hijacked by the jewelry stores and florists and unrealistic expectations of romance. Let’s not just take the day back, but let’s turn the month of February into the month of kindness. Plus, help celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 11 – 17). We can do this!

What makes this Challenge unique?

Each day you’ll be prompted to perform an act of kindness. There’s  nothing new about that – so here’s the twist. We’ll be walking through history on this challenge! I’ve scoured through newspapers to bring you essays and stories of kindness dating all the way back to 1873 – when Ulysses S. Grant served as President! You might be surprised that even then, newspapers were lamenting the loss of kindness. We’ll jump ahead five years on every day of the Challenge, taking you through the World Wars and ending in the year 2018.  You’ll be treated to a variety of essays, poems, fictional stories, and real-life recordings of acts of kindness over time – and each day you’ll be encouraged to bring a little extra kindness into your community.

What kinds of stories are included in the Challenge?

Newspapers 100 years ago were quite different than they are today. Frequently,  newspapers included series of short stories and essays, often aimed at teaching a moral. And they were filled with small town events – who was visiting whom and the subject of the Sunday sermon. So there’s a large variety of content included in the Kindness Challenge. You’ll read essays on kindness that reflect the times as well as stories of personal acts of kindness, such as Abraham Lincoln’s rescue of baby birds, a group of strangers who banded together to help a wayward girl return home, a World War I soldier writing to thank his home town for the “Christmas cheer” box, a man who ran afoul of the law to donate his life-saving blood to his sister, and a family who memorialize a young couple with acts of kindness. You’ll be inspired and intrigued!

The Challenge is closed. Now what?

Kindness ChallengeI’m disappointed you missed our February challenge. But if we run the Challenge again, I’ll be glad to notify you. Just sign up using the form below. And if you can’t wait to perform your acts of kindness, there’s good news! You can purchase the 30-Day Kindness Challenge as a Kindle book. So go ahead and get started today!

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Darn it! You missed the Kindness Challenge!

2018 kindness kindle

You missed the 2018 Kindness Challenge. But if you'd like me to notify you if we run the Challenge again, just sign up here. And if you want to practice kindness now, you can purchase the 30-Day Kindness Challenge as a Kindle book.

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