How to become a Fianncial Coach Part 2

How to Become a Financial Coach (Part 2)

How do you become a financial coach? In this series, I walk you through my experience, beginning with my training at the Financial Coach Academy (affiliate link). I just finished lesson 2 of 9 in this intensive course (I opted for the “live” version) and our current focus is on getting the office and technical end of the business set up. Thankfully, the course includes plenty of tutorials to guide us.

You have to set up a virtual office and define your services. The last few weeks have been rather intense as I worked on the following tasks.

  • Designing my new website (drbrendamoneycoach)
  • Setting up my virtual office
  • Scripting the introductory call
  • Laying out out my services.

Building the Website

I spent some time deliberating whether to rebrand this blog (The Five Journeys) and turn it into my coaching website, so I looked at the most popular posts to discover that my week-long fasting experiment was tops. And that reminded me of why I started the blog in the first place – to write about not just financial independence, but health, community, inner peace, and happiness. I don’t want to lose that mission and I’d prefer to keep this blog recreational. That means I won’t win any popularity contests, but that’s not my objective.

The challenge is that I now have FOUR websites. Yikes! In addition to the coaching website and this blog, I also have the Early Exit Academy and the Better Life Challenges websites. But by building, I’m adding an important element to my business – individualized services. And there’s cohesiveness between my brands. In particular, those who can’t afford my private coaching, can opt to take an online course or my new Jumpstart Workshops offered at the Early Exit Academy.

I am busy drafting website pages and creating some short videos, which are now in the hands of my wonderful website designer (Thrive Mate). Plus, I spent some time thinking about my mission as a financial coach. Here’s the video I created that captures my sentiment.

Setting up the Virtual Office

My head has been spinning since my career ended abruptly, almost 18 months ago. I spent crazy hours and more than a year building my online courses, in which I learned a ton of stuff. And now, I’m adding to my knowledge bank by learning how to use Acuity Scheduling software (affiliate link) to set up my coaching schedule, appointments, and payment options. Plus, I created a snazzy intake form using JotForm (affiliate link). And I purchased Google Suites to set up an email for my coaching business and created a Google Voice to add an office telephone line.

At this point, one of the challenges I face is overwhelm. But the way the instructors at the Financial Coach Academy (affiliate link) lay out the course, it’s all manageable. For instance, at this point our focus is on offering a free introductory call and creating our basic offering. For my business, the introductory call is a 20-minute Explorer session and my basic offering is a 2-hour Kickass Session. Along with setting up the sessions in the Acuity software, I created prep work forms, spreadsheets, and emails that will be automatically sent to the client when she signs up for the Kickass Session. I feel good about having those components in place.

Scripting the Introductory Call

So as the financial coach, how do I conduct the free 20-minute Explorer call? Again, the Financial Coach Academy (affiliate link) really came through by including a script that I can use as my template. The goal of this call is to determine if (and how) I can help and whether we’re a “good fit.” If so, then I invite the client to sign up for a 2-hour intensive Kickass session.

Admission here – I hate sales! Yes, I know I have a lot to offer clients and I have to earn an income as well. But I’m uncomfortable feeding people into the sales funnel. Then my Academy instructor put it in perspective – I’m offering a service and it’s up to the client as to whether she wants to commit to that service. I’m INVITING you to become a client. So I’m still working on my script so that it suits me – no heavy pressure sales tactics, and I won’t take clients if I feel I can’t really help with their particular issue or they are not committed to putting in the effort. And the fact is, I have the expertise and the tools that can help people really turn their financial life around. And I can’t keep giving away those things for free.

Laying out my Services

I am in the early stages of laying out my services. So far, this is what I am considering:

In terms of pricing, I’ve looked at what the going rate is for financial coaching, the amount of time I am spending with each client, and what I am offering in return. Based on those factors, I am pricing the 2-hour Kickass Session at $397. At first, its sounds like a lot. But here’s what I deliver.

The client will gain DIRECTION and MOTIVATION after the Kickass session.

  • Client will create a workable budget, based on personality and preference, that aligns spending with priorities and creates a savings cushion.
  • Client will understand the “limiting beliefs” and money myths that hold her back in terms of mastering her money.
  • Client will create short- and long-term SMARTER goals and begin to think about the crazy concept of financial freedom.
  • Client will take steps to eliminate debt, cut expenses, grow income, and design a more fulfilling life.

Open for Business!

Next month, I will be working with three beta clients to help them with their finances, and to refine my processes. The back office is now set up so I can begin taking clients for the free Explorer call and the 2-hour Kickass session. While my website is under development, I’m ready for action!

So if you’d like to find out how I can help you with your finances, you can schedule your very own Explorer call! Use THIS LINK to schedule today.

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