The Healthy 7 Approach

Check out our Paleo and Whole30-compliant menus.

Welcome to the Healthy 7 approach, a blend of personalized nutrition, Paleo and Whole30 cooking, and experimentation with fasting.

Avoid foods that have an inflammatory response
Prepare Paleo or Whole30-based meals
Experiment with different fasting schedules

Because every body is unique

Lyn-Genet Recita’s The Plan is based on an extraordinary premise: All that matters is how YOUR body digests food. Even foods that are promoted as “healthy,” such as salmon and oatmeal, can cause an inflammatory response that results in weight gain. I diligently followed the 20-day program and was shocked by my experience! For example, I learned that “healthy” brown rice wrecked havoc with my system. The Plan made me acutely aware of how different foods make me feel.

Eat for energy and mood

I had read about people who were having good success on the Whole30 program, but I thought, “there’s no way I can be that disciplined for 30 days!” Despite my reluctance, I followed the Whole30 plan and by the end of the month I was jumping out of bed at 5 a.m. with loads of energy, and I felt incredibly happy. Plus, I lost 14 pounds in those 30 days. I was a convert.

Time your meals

Over time, I discovered a personal approach that works best for me. I avoid foods that are inflammatory (The Plan), prepare low-carb meals that tend to be Whole30-compliant, and time my meals to incorporate different fasting schedules. And confession here – I still struggle with eating healthy and maintaining a respectable weight. But when I’m on top of my game, this formula works like a charm.


One of the biggest challenges to healthy eating is preparing meals. It’s so much easier to pull up to the drive-thru window and gulp our meals while sitting in freeway traffic. I want to make your job easier. So I scoured the internet seeking delicious recipes and created Healthy 7 menus – because after all, there are 7 days in the week and why not eat nutritiously every day?

I compiled the best recipes to create 20 weeks of menus. Each week offers a variety of tastes and styles. Plus, there’s a special menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And check out the Top 7 Award Winning Whole30-based Recipes. Enjoy wholesome recipes like pot roast with vegetables, chicken paprikash, fiesta pork chops, and zucchini pasta with spicy shrimp marinara.

Now I don’t create the recipes – there are already too many cooks in the kitchen. Rather, I link you to some of my favorite blogs, including


Generally, there are three gadgets that I love that will make your cooking life easier.

  • Instant Pot – the newest addition to my kitchen is the Instant Pot, which is a 7 in 1 appliance: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker and warmer.
  • Spiralizer—this little gadget can turn a vegetable hater into a vegetable lover. What more can I say? There’s even a recipe book on spiralized dishes (Inspiralized) and most grocery stores now sell their own spiralized vegetables, at a hefty mark-up of course.
  • Stovetop Wok—this is a fantastic little tool! It heats up fast and is great for sautéing zoodles (zucchini noodles), making broccoli-fried rice, and preparing crispy vegetables and stir fry.


Most of the ingredients can be found in your local grocery store. But there are a couple of ingredients that might not be in your pantry that are critical to a number of recipes.

  • Coconut aminos—this stuff is amazing! Use it instead of soy sauce.
  • Red Boat Fish Sauce—according to the manufacturer, it is a “savory, sweet, and umami-laden sauce gives dishes a unique, rich and satisfying dimension.”

And if you can’t find ingredients locally, you can shop online. For instance if you’d like to find a wide variety of spices to make your dishes sing, I recommend The Savory Spice Shop as an online option. And try Thrive Market and Barefoot Provisions for a nice selection of organic Whole30-compliant foods.


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