Healthy 7 Week 7

Healthy 7 Menu for Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of Healthy 7 Menus!

Here we are at week 7 of our Healthy 7 menus. In addition to creating the menus, I’ve been busy writing the front page of the Sugar Challenge, and in doing so, I’ve revisited the research on the health detriments of sugar. Well, it’s bad news – sugar is not only linked to obesity, but diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer, attention deficit disorders, and more. And more and more research points to the addictive nature of sugar, including sugar substitutes. No wonder it’s so hard to quit sugar! I’ve been a little bit weak in the sugar area this last week, so this is a good reminder to buckle down for the holiday season.

Enough chatter. Here’s what’s on this week’s menu. We’ll spice up the week with pizza meatballs and make our own healthy diner-style home fries. And we have chicken paprikash with spiralized onions and peppers, a hearty beef stew, and Italian pork roast accompanied by comfort noodles. Hope you find the dishes tasty.

Menu Highlights

Pizza is one of those forbidden foods on Whole30, and perhaps the one item that people the miss the most. This week we’ll give Pizza Meatballs a try – compliments of Meatified. And perhaps the ultimate transgression of the week: Classic Diner-Style Home Fries, from WellFed. Nothing fancy here. Just satisfying comfort foods.

Chicken Paprikash (what a great word to pronounce!) with Spiralized Onions & Peppers is next up on the plate. This dish is from the Insiralized kitchen. If you’ve never spiralized an onion before, it’s downright fun. It might take a whole 5 seconds to turn that bulbous onion into beautiful thin strands. Once I discovered how easy it was I started adding spiralized onions to a lot of my dishes. Enjoy!

It’s been a few weeks since I brought in a recipe from Michelle Tam of nomnompaleo, so we are due for one of her delightful creations. Michelle’s Instant Pot Beef Stew is a winner! By the way, if you’re still on the fence about this latest fad called the Instant Pot, I noticed that the Instant Pot I bought from Amazon for $100 now sells for $84.95. Or at least that was the price when I last checked. I love my Instant Pot!

Finally, the menu features Italian Pork Roast with Comfort Noodles from WellFed. You can improvise as you like with the comfort noodles – I replace the almond meal with nutritional yeast. Enjoy!

Make the Healthy 7 Menu Work for YOU

And here’s your weekly reminder to make the Health 7 menu work for you! Swap out vegetables. Adapt the recipes to meet your needs. Don’t make something you know you’ll hate! You can always pull out favorites from previous menus and switch around your meals as you like. I want YOU to be successful as you prioritize your health, so make adjustments that will guarantee success! Have a healthy and happy week.

A Few Words and Resources on Supplements

I’ve not talked about supplements before, but let me share some of the resources that I’ve come to depend on over the years. Vitamin B12 is especially critical to energy and brain health (deficiencies in B12 can even mimic dementia). And most of us don’t get nearly enough Vitamin D, especially as winter rolls around. For my digestive health, I rely on high quality probiotics and fiber capsules which have practically erased chronic digestive problems. You’ll pay more for better quality and purity, but this is your one and only body we’re talking about. Treat it well!

You can also try Barefoot Provisions and Thrive Market. Both deliver organic and non-GMO products right to your door, and offer a good selection of Whole30-compliant foods.

Thrive Market sells your favorite organic and non-gmo brands for up to 50% off retail.

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