Healthy 7 Week 14

Healthy 7 Menu for Week 14

Here’s to a Healthy You!

Welcome to another week of Paleo and Whole30-based menus. If you’re new here, that means that menus feature dishes that don’t use sugar, dairy, or legumes. While these menus guide my primary way of eating, I certainly stray from strict guidelines every so often. Humans were not made to deny themselves day after day, and thus, my approach is realistic and flexible.

So let’s crack open the menu for week 14. We have crab zucchini with spicy avocado sauce, salisbury steak meatballs with mashed potatoes and veggies, carnitas, and bacon wrapped buffalo ranch chicken meatloaf, accompanied by citrus and sage roasted baby carrots. Here’s to a healthy you!

Menu Highlights

Let’s start the week off with Crab Zucchini Pasta with Spicy Avocado Sauce, from Inspiralized. If you’re new here,  a “must have” kitchen gadget is the spiralizer (the one from Inspiralized is simply the BEST).  If you can, splurge on some quality jumbo lump crab meat for this recipe. The jalapeno gives this sauce a nice “kick” and might help you chase away the sugar “hangover” from the holidays.

Our first dinner of the week is Salisbury Steak Meatballs, from the recipe bins at PaleoRunningMomma. The meatballs taste as great as they look, and I’ve partnered them with my favorite Mashed Potato recipe from thedefineddish. The potatoes use chicken stock, garlic, and ghee to create a fabulous Whole30-compliant side dish! Add a side salad or vegetable of your choice to round out the meal.

Carnitas anyone? This recipe – best made in the Instant Pot – comes from the kitchens of nomnompaleo. And since you’re already using avocados in your crab zucchini pasta, grab some more for this recipe. You can be creative with this recipe – just add and subtract your favorite vegetable toppings and you’ve got a wonderfully delicious and healthy dish.

And last but definitely not least, we have Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Ranch Chicken Meatloaf again from PaleoRunningMomma. If you’re doing a strict Whole30, make sure you use bacon without added sugar or nitrates, or skip the bacon altogether (blasphemy, I know!).  I’ve paired the meatloaf with Citrus and Sage Roasted Baby Carrots, from Meatified. And of course, if you aren’t a big carrot fan, select your favorite vegetable to accompany the meatloaf. Asparagus is always a good choice!

Make the Healthy 7 Menu Work for YOU

And here’s your weekly reminder to make the Health 7 menu work for you! Swap out vegetables. Adapt the recipes to meet your needs. Don’t make something you know you’ll hate! You can always pull out favorites from previous menus and switch around your meals as you like. I want YOU to be successful as you prioritize your health, so make adjustments that will guarantee success! Have a healthy and happy week.

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