Healthy 7 Week 10

Healthy 7 Menu for Week 10

Hello to Week 10 of Healthy 7!

Here we are at week 10 already! It’s pretty tough to stick to Paleo or Whole 30 ALL OF THE TIME, so plan you indulgences. Stick to the Healthy 7 menus for MOST of your meals. Easier said than done, I know. I admit my scale is not all that happy with me these days, so it’s time to bring a little more discipline into my world.

Before I share the menu with you, just a little friendly reminder that my version of Whole30-compliant recipes is a little more flexible than the hard-core Whole30 program. I examine the ingredients to make sure they check out, but I’m just not concerned about creating dishes that look and taste like “off-limit” foods, like cereal. Here’s my take on the strictness of diets and the role of the food police in sabotaging real-life efforts.  So one of my staples is an uber-healthy homemade coconut nutty flax granola with unsweetened coconut milk. Yep, it mimics cereal. And this week, you’ll find a Chick-Fil-A copycat made with all Whole30-compliant ingredients. It’s delicious! So why not bring some joy into your diet while still eating healthy? Anyhow, that’s my approach here at Healthy 7.

We’ve got a good mix of dishes this week – some “down home” food and some spicy creations. Here are your Healthy 7 offerings:  Paleo chick-fil-a with rosemary garlic roasted potatoes, Korean short ribs with Indian pineapple cauliflower rice, fiesta breakfast bowl, and Whole30 shepherd’s pie. Enjoy!

Menu Highlights

Your week starts with Paleo Chick-Fil-A, from the kitchen of Stupideasypaleo. It’s a grain-free selection and get this, the secret is pickle juice! Yep, you heard me right. You’re going to brine the chicken in pickle juice before dredging it in a mixture of coconut and arrowroot flour and spices. This should be a most interesting dish!

Joining your Chick-Fil-A will be Rosemary Garlic Roasted Potatoes, also from Stupideasypaleo. It’s hard to go wrong with rosemary and garlic in just about anything. And you can improvise, by adding in some other favorite veggies. Carrots anyone?

For our next dinner, we’re going to switch gears and head over to one of my favorite websites, Nomnompaleo, for her incredible Korean Short Ribs. What a feast! Michelle uses the ever versatile Instant Pot, which speeds up the process and creates the tastiest ribs ever! This recipe features a variety of tastes – Red Boat fish sauce, coconut aminos, garlic, ginger, and fruit. Wowza!

You’ll pair the Short Ribs with Indian Pineapple Cauliflower Rice, from Stupideasypaleo. And here’s a big shout out to our star chef of the week –  Steph Gaudreau of Stupideasypaleo! She’s got some terrific recipes on her site. Here’s a little friendly tip on this tasty “rice” recipe – I use broccoli rice instead of cauliflower rice. It  tastes even better to me!

For lunch, we’ll be featuring the Fiesta Breakfast Bowl, from Meatified. I really like this recipe, morning, noon, and night. And even though “breakfast” is in its name, you won’t find any eggs in this easy-to-make dish (although I guess you could add some if you really wanted).

Last but not least, the menu includes Shepherd’s Pie, sure to please the pallet of the meat-and-potato crowd, compliments of TheArtinLife. I’ll give you one word why I love this dish so much – POTATOES! When Whole30 first came out, the lowly potato was on the “off limits” list. Now it’s on the “You bet” list – finally getting its due for its  nutritional value. I still see a lot of “Shepherd’s Pie” adorned with cauliflower rice or some sweet potato concoction. Nope! That just doesn’t cut it. If you love traditional Shepherd’s Pie, you’ll simply love this recipe!

Make the Healthy 7 Menu Work for YOU

And here’s your weekly reminder to make the Health 7 menu work for you! Swap out vegetables. Adapt the recipes to meet your needs. Don’t make something you know you’ll hate! You can always pull out favorites from previous menus and switch around your meals as you like. I want YOU to be successful as you prioritize your health, so make adjustments that will guarantee success! Have a healthy and happy week.

Let’s Make Potatoes!

Indulge me today. All this talk about Shepherd’s Pie has got me dreaming about potatoes. Now you’ll likely have to adapt these recipes to make them Whole30 compliant, but who can argue with potato recipe books!

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