What happens when you lose your job — and your paycheck — in your mid-50s?

Is it a disaster . . . or is it the opportunity of a lifetime?

April 10, 2018 marked the abrupt end of a high-pressure career. Work had begun to steal away my private life and I was exhausted and unhappy. Surely, there had to be more to life? I finally hit my breaking point and found myself without a job – years earlier than I had planned. But honestly, my sudden joblessness felt like a new beginning, a chance to create a better version of myself.

I was a 54-year old single mom on the day I lost my job. And two weeks later, I watched my only child board a plane, headed to her new life. There I was … no job … no income … spending more time talking to cats than to humans. Talk about disruption!

I had been planning an early exit from the workforce, so I was in pretty good shape financially. I had paid off my house years earlier, which turned out to be a fantastic move, and had no debt. I’ve always been a saver, even tucking away 56% of my salary over the last years of employment. But still, I wasn’t prepared for the end of my paychecks.

I spent some time contemplating my next move. Should I call in some favors and find another high-level position? How about consulting in my area of expertise? Or maybe getting a “regular” job to pay the bills? Or…

Why not follow my passion and take charge of my destiny?

Despite my late start, I had enough financial resources to carve out a new path.. I kept returning to memories of my struggles in my early 30s, when I lived in poverty, never imagining I’d climb my way out. I wanted to create a powerful resource and a motivational package that would give “regular” people like me all the tools they need to become financially independent. So I spent the better part of a year creating The Dream Big Money Academy. I followed that up by becoming a financial coach and building a clientele at Dr. Brenda Money Coach. Finally, I decided it was time to chase my dreams - so I traded in the house for an RV and created the Gutsy Women Club

I made the decision to share my financial picture … It’s only fair that you know my starting point. I’ve been on solid financial ground after digging myself out of poverty. It’s taken over 20 years, but I am beginning this new chapter with a net worth of $1,143,201. Here’s how it all shakes out.

Savings & Investments

My #1 job is to build The Dream Big Money Academy and my coaching business. Here are my goals.

  • Generate an income stream
  • Build my blogging reputation and audience
  • Give back to my community
  • Create a healthier lifestyle

Is financial freedom for you?

There’s no mystery in how to achieve financial freedom. Save, invest, and repeat. Add time and you’ll be on your way. If only it were that easy! You see, a lot of times we are our own worst enemy. We sabotage our good intentions by giving into instant gratification and sometimes, we lose our way on the long journey to freedom.

If you allow me, I would love to be your
navigator and help you create the life of your
dreams. Visit the Dream Big Money Academy to
discover how you can join our growing

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