The Five Journeys

The Five Journey Ying YangLet this site be your guide and resource as you build a life of fulfillment.  Take this journey with me to develop a healthy lifestyle, attain financial independence, become a happier person, create inner peace, and connect with your community.  May your journey open your heart and brighten your future.


Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

The Five Journeys Healthy LifestyleThe cornerstone of The Five Journeys is a healthy lifestyle.  What happens when you aren’t healthy? I know from my own experience that my energy declines, I lose time at the office, depression sets in, and I can’t fully participate in family and community events.  In other words, poor health diminishes other aspects of your life.  Perhaps it’s folly to think we can control our destiny, but we can certainly shape it.  I invite you to take the journey to a healthy lifestyle and become empowered to live an enriched and fulfilled life.

Journey to Financial IndependenceThe Five Journeys Financial Independence

What does financial independence buy?  Freedom!  How would you like to be able to quit your job and spend your time traveling? Or perhaps you’d like to feed the inner artist or move out to the country and live a simple life.  Like me, you will probably make some mistakes along the path, but as long as you develop some good habits and follow through on your plans, financial independence is possible.

The Five Journeys HappinessJourney to Happiness

Many of us grew up thinking that happiness was something that happened TO us.  But in actuality, you can CREATE happiness!  Consider the things that put a smile on your face. Once you’ve figured out what makes you happy, build small nuggets of happiness into your daily life. The good news is that happiness increases with age, so there’s another reason to celebrate birthdays. Take steps to happify your life!

Four Keys to Unlocking Inner PeaceJourney to Inner Peace

Inner peace is an elusive concept. Especially in an age where anxiety disorders are at an all-time high, our personal quest for inner peace has taken center stage.  Even though we each follow our own journey to inner peace, you might benefit from these four keys: meditating regularly, practicing mindfulness, connecting mind and body through energy arts (yoga, tai chi, qi gong), and spending time in nature.  Together, these keys have helped me build a foundation in which stress can be managed and the daily pleasures of living can be realized.  Each day brings a new opportunity to cultivate inner peace.

The Five Journeys CommunityJourney to Community

In this fast-paced world, technology seems to be replacing human relationships. Conversely, humans are social animals that need relationships and a sense of belonging. Will you feel fulfilled at the end of your life without those connections? We can reclaim our lives by turning off our mobile devices, tuning out the rhetoric that divides our country, and dropping in on social groups and activities.  Make connections to your community and you’ll be all that much richer from your efforts.

Tools for the Journey

The Five Journeys emphasizes personal efforts to live a more fulfilling life.  Even if you have spent years engaged in self-defeating behaviors, it’s never too late to change.  The primary tools critical to change include:

  • Planning and Organization. Did you know that people who craft SMART (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant-Timely) goals are more likely to be successful in reaching those goals?  Essentially, if you’d like to be healthy and achieve financial independence, planning and organization tools are essential.
  • The Science of Habit Forming. Recent research suggests that it takes 66 days to build a new habit.  Just think, in a little over two months you can replace a bad habit with a good habit. Our goal is to build a warehouse of good habits that become automated.  Once you learn about the cues that trigger reactions, you can break the habit loop!

The five journeys lead to a life of fulfillment.

Fulfillment (Oxford Living Dictionaries): Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s potential.

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