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My RV Life is Here!

After a long delay, my RV life is here! I sold my house and am on my maiden RV voyage. Here’s how things are shaking out.

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How to Plan an Epic RV Trip

How do you plan an epic RV trip? Set your destination, grab some online tools, and plan ahead.

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7 Must-Have Products for the New RVer

Are you new to RVing? Here are 7 must-have products that will enhance your driving confidence and prepare you for emergencies.

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Downsizing and Buying my Dream RV

I found my dream RV! Suddenly, things are taking off. I’m downsizing in preparation for the sale of the house and excited to live the RV lifestyle.

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The Next Phase (Part 3): Downsizing and Lyfting

The transition from a house to an RV has begun. I started downsizing, which is ruled more by emotion than logic. And I became a Lyft driver!

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The Next Phase (Part 2): Time to Hit the Road

I’ve moved into a new phase of my life. I’m ready to give up the house and create a different life for myself. The RV lifestyle may be just the ticket!

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