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Dear Coronavirus,

Here’s my letter to Coronavirus. Let’s stay strong and maintain hope in these difficult times.

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How a Fictional Character Saved my Life

Suicide rates in America are at record levels. I came close to being among the statistics. But I clung to a sliver of  hope and created a fictional character that helped me escape into a better world.

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Is Kindness for Suckers? An Historical Snapshot of Kindness in America

A snapshot of  American history from 1873 to 2018 shows the duality of kindness.  No good deed goes unpunished. Kindness is rewarded. Kindness kills. You can never be too kind. So is kindness for suckers?

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Three Things I Learned from Writing the 30-Day Meditation Challenge

I revamped my meditation practice by creating and taking my own 30-day meditation challenge. Here are three things i learned and how I made improvements.

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How a Month of Vacation Led me to 30-Day Challenges

For the first time ever, I took a full month of vacation. Surprisingly, a bit of despair set in as I returned to the office. So I created 30-Day Challenges to perk up my life, instill better habits, and inspire others.

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Four Keys to Unlocking Inner Peace

I’m a pragmatic person, so why write about this squishy concept called “inner peace”?  It turns out, there’s not a standard definition of inner peace.

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