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Pursuing your Passion: Is it Worth the Risks and Sacrifices?

The last few days have got me thinking about passion. And how the pursuit of passion can have costs, but also produce more rewards than one ever dreamed possible.

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How I Paid off my $64,000 Mortgage in 15 Months

In the summer of 2012, I decided to divert all my financial energy toward one goal: paying off my mortgage. With some careful planning and discipline, I was able to pay off the $64,000 balance in just 15 months.

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Three Easy Ways to Teach Kids About Money

How do you teach your kids the basics about money and get them off to a good start? Keep it simple by using three tricks to steer them in the right direction.

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Why my Most Powerful #1 Budgeting Tool is a Checkbook Register Spreadsheet

Confession: I love spreadsheets! I also love automation. I’ve tried several budgeting tools, but I always return to the dependable and easy electronic checkbook register for one important reason – it’s a powerful forecasting tool.

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How to Become Financially Independent

What does it mean to be financially independent? Here’s what financial independence means to me: security, time to paint and write and explore, the ability to overcome crises, and the opportunity to leave the work force when I choose.

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