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The Next Phase (Part 1): More Questions than Answers

I’ve reached a new phase of my life. I’m ready to make a big move but I’m not sure where I’ll go. I have more questions than answers at this point.

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Meet my Role Model for Healthy Aging

The Five Journeys are about building a life of fulfillment over a lifetime. And here’s my role model for healthy aging – my mom.

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From Semi-Retired to Entrepreneur…and Blogging from the Islands

What’s so great about blogging? You can do it from anywhere! This week I am enjoying quality island time with my sisters and feeling great about my transition from semi-retired to entrepreneur.

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Goodbye, Kid!

It’s tough letting go, and today I became an empty-nester. Here’s an open letter to my child as she launches a new life far from home. Good luck, kiddo!

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Returning to My Roots: A Visit to the Family Farm

Earlier this week I returned from a visit to the family farm. My visits are always a good reminder of my roots.

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How to Build Community Connections: Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In

Can you have a fulfilling life without strong connections to the larger community?  You may be healthy, wealthy, happy and content, but without a social network, life would feel a bit empty.

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