7 Excel Templates

7 Excel Templates To Help You Manage Your Budget

I’m a big fan of Excel spreadsheets and I wrote about my most powerful tool – the Excel checkbook register.  So I’m delighted to bring you this guest post, written by Anthony Stevens. Anthony is the Content Specialist for Excel Templates, a resource for free Excel templates including calendars and charts.

Tracking your income and expenses is fundamental to building wealth. And for that, you need a budget. With the power of Excel spreadsheets, budgeting is made more convenient than ever!

What’s even better is that you don’t have to make a spreadsheet yourself because pre-built budget templates are all over the Internet.

So if you want to simplify your budget management tasks further, here are personal and business budget templates worth checking out.

Budget Templates for Personal Use

1. Personal Monthly Budget by vertex42

This personal monthly budget planner lets you create a budget and allows you to compare it with what you actually spend. The sheet has fields for all sorts of things you might spend your hard-earned money on – from daily expenses to discretionary expenditures.

If you’re tired of wondering where your salary goes, this one’s worth trying out!

2. Travel Budget Worksheet by vertex42

Now, this budget management template is tailor-made for the jet-setters out there!

Whether you’re regularly traveling because of work or your love for adventure, this template will come in real handy.  It’s perfect for the budget-traveler as it allows you to set a total travel budget and factor in all other expenses involved such as accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.

3. Credit Repair Spreadsheet by vertex42

Let’s face it, we’re living in tough times, and credit often comes as a saving grace. However, missing credit and loan payments can have dire effects on your finances. For those who don’t wish to find themselves in a financial hell-hole or want to get out of one, this Credit Repair Spreadsheet is the key!

4. Savings Goal Tracker by vertex42

Another useful budget template from vertex42, the Savings Goal Tracker assists you in achieving your financial objectives. The easy-to-use spreadsheet lets you visualize your target and chart your progress, so you can keep track of how far you’ve gone (or how long you still need to go).

5. Money Tracker by vertex42

The Money Tracker is a budget application specially designed for smartphone versions of Excel. With its neat and simple design, the rows and columns are easy to update and use even on a small screen. It’s a great way to track your budget on the go!

Budget Templates for Family Finances

6. Family Budget Planner by vertex42

Budget planning is a lot trickier when you’ve got a family. You have a mortgage, car payments, allowance, and bills to think of, and those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Aside from helping you organize your budget, the Family Budget Planner spreadsheet also allows you to create an annual budget so you can project earnings and expenditures, and tweak them in case of variable spending and changes in income.

7. Household Expense Template by Smartsheet

Sometimes, a family needs more than one budget planning spreadsheet to manage their finances.

You can use the Household Expense template together with your budget planner to track the income and expenses of your entire household. While the Family Budget Planner is focused on projecting and organizing your yearly budget, the Household Expense template provides a more dedicated view of monthly expenditures.

About the Author Anthony Stevens

Anthony Stevens is the Content Specialist for Excel Templates, a resource for free Excel templates including calendars and charts. When not writing, he spends time building furniture and running with his dog.