30-Day Challenges

30 day challenges

Do you feel like you need a jump start every now and then? Something is missing and you are tired of being tired? Enter the 30-day challenges!

The Five JourneysHealthy Lifestyle, Financial Independence, Happiness, Inner Peace, and Community – are difficult to attain. And if you’re like me, you might find yourself doing pretty well in one area and not so hot in another. Even when you have all your “ducks in a row,” life comes along to remind you that there’s more work to be done! One day I’ll feel like I’m on top of my game, and with the blink of an eye, I’ll find myself in a slump. So what’s the answer? 30 Day Challenges!

Check out Matt Cutt’s Ted Talk on the power of 30-day challenges.

Why 30 Days?

There’s no magic about 30 days. In fact, most of the research shows that it takes 66 days to develop a new habit. But the truth is, it’s going to be the first 30 days that are the most challenging. Plus, the thirty day challenges are consistent with our tendency to start new efforts on the 1st of the month. And it’s DO-ABLE! My goal is to guide you over the course of 30 days to help you make specific improvements to your life.

What do you get when you sign up for a 30-day challenge?

Well, let’s start with what you are NOT going to get, and that’s advertising! I’m not here to sell you a darn thing. The truth is, these 30-day challenges help me stay on course, and if they benefit you, that’s a super duper way for me to give back to the community. I’m cool with that. Here’s the scoop on the 30-day challenges:

  • Upcoming challenges are featured on this page. Just visit the challenges that interest you and sign up to join. It’s really that easy.
  • Helpful resources and tips will be posted on each challenge page. I’ll send a reminder of your upcoming challenge several days before it starts.
  • Each challenge morning I’ll send a motivational message, tip of the day, and guidance that will lead you toward success. We’ll start as a community on the 1st day of each month, so do your best to sign up early!
  • Plus, you can check in at the 30-Day Challenges Facebook Community to get bonus tips and read about the experiences of community members.

What if I miss a challenge or want to take it at a different time?

For the most part, once the 30 days are done, the challenge is DONE! But If you sign up late or miss a challenge altogether, I don’t want you to lose out on all the benefits. So I’m going to work hard to make each challenge available as a Kindle Guide shortly after it concludes. What’s the catch? Yes, the challenges are totally FREE to subscribers. But sorry frugal friends, I’m going to charge $2.99 for each Kindle guide to recover some of my costs. The cool thing is that the Kindle Guides allow you to select and participate in challenges based on your personal schedule. Visit our Kindle Guides page to learn more.

Ready to change your life? Then let’s get started! Visit each challenge page below to sign up.

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