Archive Monthly Archives: May 2018

From Semi-Retired to Entrepreneur…and Blogging from the Islands

What’s so great about blogging? You can do it from anywhere! This week I am enjoying quality island time with my sisters and feeling great about my transition from semi-retired to entrepreneur.

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Hello, this is the Universe Speaking…Take a Chance!

How do you deal with big changes in your life? You can learn a lot from the Change Cycle. And stop and listen to the Universe…it might have the answers you’ve been seeking!

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Fired in my Fifties: The 3 Best and Worst Moves that Determined my Fate

Will you be financially secure if you are fired in your 50s? In hindsight, I made 3 terrific moves that put me on solid financial ground, but I also made some bad moves that I wish I could do over.

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And the Word of the Day Is … Discombobulated

Sudden semi-retirement and living alone has thrown me for a loop! Discombobulated sums up my current state of mind. So I’ll be taking steps to stay connected socially and to bring routine back into my life.

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Money Roundup for April 2018

Here’s my first money roundup, describing my efforts to create income and minimize expenses to make my money last. Let’s see how this turns out!

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