11 months post-fired

11 Months Post-Fired: Kitty Breaks Permitted

I can hardly believe it! I’ve hit my 11 month anniversary of the day I was fired. Time is flying by, which makes me super nervous. On April 10, my first course – Early Exit Academy for Young Escape Artists – launches. So my workload is super intense as I complete the units, figure out the tech stuff, and experiment on the marketing end. I’m loving my course, but the fear is, what if nobody comes? Anyhow, I’m trying not to go down the rabbit hole as I put in 16-hour days. And this month brought two new additions to the house – Coco and Ginger – who give me reasons to take kitty breaks.

Meet Coco & Ginger

Just before Thanksgiving, I lost my #1 cat Smoke. Last month, I had to put down Mr. Brett. The house felt empty and I had two depressed cats (Dolly and Angel) on my hands. Then an errand to the pet store introduced me to two little girls who were inseparable and needed a home. Both are shelter cats, and while I don’t know their history, clearly they were fostered. They are super-friendly mischievous sisters who make me smile.


The kittens are nearly identical. From the back, I can’t distinguish one from the other. But from the front, I know Ginger has the solid ginger paw, half a mustache, and two tan brows. Coco has the full mustache and one tan brow. They are a delight … although Dolly and Angel do not agree! We’re going through some adjustments in the cat hierarchy world. It looks like Ginger is angling for the crown. We’ll see how it turns out.

Back to Crash and Burn

On the work front, I’m back to my unhealthy ways – something I refer to as “crash and burn.” I regularly put in 16+ hour days until I hit the exhaustion phase, then I crash. It’s not a good pattern to be in at all. But I know it’s temporary. Yesterday I finished Unit 3 of 5 – Climb Debt Mountain. I’ve given myself 3 weeks to complete each unit and today I am eager to start Unit 4. This one is going to be a lot of fun as I am headed to Money Canyon and the theme is “Grow the Gap.” So I’ll focus on increasing income and cutting expenses, the key to financial independence.

Every day I learn new things and am totally loving the Articulate software. My units look beautiful and have a good flow to them. This last week, I added closed captioning to all of my lessons. And I now have a FREE mini-course available — you can sign up for it on the website. It’s called “Kiss your Job Goodbye,” and it’s a good sample of the course. It’s not a snoozy “talking head” type of course; it requires effort. Yes, that will deter some people but will motivate those who are willing to work for their freedom.

Kiss your job goodbye

Marketing Worries

Here’s the thing. I have a super fantastic product. But I haven’t figured out how to reach my audience. Not yet, anyhow. I know my courses will lead people to financial freedom and help them build a great life. But how do I find my “tribe” and sell my product? I’ve just started to experiment with LinkedIn. And I’m reluctantly throwing more money to Facebook – I haven’t been able to crack their “formula.” So I work on ads and sales funnels and the tech piece (connecting the various programs) in between course creation. If my efforts don’t work, I’ll have to call in the “big guns.”

And that brings me back to my own quest for financial independence. It’s been an expensive month, both personally (new eyeglasses, trips to the vet) and professionally (ads, website development, bookkeeping, accounting). Next month I’ll celebrate my one-year anniversary of the day I was fired by launching the course. Plus, I’ll update my net worth. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I’ve been able to live without an income for almost a year and yet see my net worth actually grow. But now it’s time to make some money! Fingers and toes and eyes crossed!

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Dr. Brenda is a financial coach, educator, researcher, and sociologist. In addition to blogging at The Five Journeys, she is the founder of the Gutsy Women Club. Her passion is guiding people on their journey to financial freedom through coaching at DrBrendaMoneyCoach and online courses at DreamBigMoneyAcademy.com.